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Give your guests the gift of comfort, privacy, and cleanliness at your next outdoor event with our elegant portable restrooms

Whether you’re hosting a medium or large outdoor event, Elite Restroom Trailers will handle all of your lavatory needs.

Our multi-station restrooms are designed to make your guests feel like they’re using a restroom in a five-star hotel.

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Three-Station Trailer Luxury Event Trailer

A great portable restroom experience for your:

  • Wedding and wedding reception
  • Outdoor party
  • Family reunion
  • Office remodel
  • 5K, 10K, half marathon, or full marathon
  • Golf tournament
  • Outdoor concert
  • Festival
  • Outdoor church event

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    Why Choose An Elite Restroom Trailer
    Over A Portable Toilet?

    Using the restroom is an intimate experience, and we believe it should be a comfortable and stress-free experience as well. If you’ve ever used a porta-potty, however, you know there is nothing comfortable about it.

    The toilet seat contains drops of something you don’t want details about, and the dark enclosure adds to the feeling that you are relieving yourself in a dungeon. The lack of modern plumbing means that if you get a glimpse inside the unflushable toilet, you know you’re not the first visitor. Additionally, porta-potties are echo chambers, amplifying any sound a user makes. Worst of all, you can’t wash your hands when you’re finished, so you spend the rest of your time at the event trying not to touch anyone.

    Don’t let your guests feel anxious when they need to “go”. Rent an Elite Restroom Trailer and make them feel the comfort, privacy, and cleanliness our quality portable restrooms can provide them.

    The Elite Restroom Trailer ADVANTAGE

    Professional Appearance

    When your guests walk into a clean restroom with a hands-free toilet, elegant countertop, and space to breathe, they will feel welcomed at your event.

    Total Privacy

    Not only do our restroom trailers come with individual stalls for maximum privacy, they also isolate sound better than porta-potties, because no one wants to hear (or be heard making) the sounds that go on in a restroom.

    Spacious/Kid Friendly

    The only thing worse than trying to squeeze into the tight space of a porta-potty is trying to squeeze yourself and your child into such a small space. Restroom trailers are large enough to move around in comfortably and quietly, giving your guests (and their children) maximum comfort.

    Lighted Interior

    Our restroom trailers come with complete interior lighting, allowing your guests to see where they’re going and what they’re doing, which is more important in a restroom than anywhere else.

    Full Vanity

    The ability to wash your hands after you do your business should be a right, not a privilege.

    Climate Control

    Using the toilet in the shivering cold or the sticky humidity isn’t fun. That’s why our restroom trailers have climate control, allowing you to make your guests comfortable in the summer and winter.

    Minimized Odor

    With modern plumbing and high-efficiency exhaust systems, our restroom trailers minimize odor allowing your guests to enter with a smile and leave the restroom shame-free.

    Affordable Price

    While restroom trailers are more expensive than the individual porta potty units, they come with multiple units in one. But more importantly, you are not just renting a toilet. You're renting a customer experience. Our competitive prices make it more than worth the investment to provide a welcoming atmosphere, comfortable space, and private shelter for your guests.

    We serve all of East Texas and Beyond:

  • Tyler, Texas
  • Longview, Texas
  • Athens, Texas
  • Jacksonville, Texas
  • Henderson, Texas
  • Kilgore, Texas
  • Canton, Texas
  • Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
  • Shreveport, Louisiana

  • We go west as far as Dallas, TX and Fort Worth, TX and as far east as Shreveport, LA, and Minden, LA. We go as far south as Huntsville, TX and Livingston, TX and as far north as Durant, OK, and Antlers, OK.